Where is it worthwhile for companies to exchange francs for euros?

Here are the most important reasons why you should use WireTransferExchange.com to exchange money in your company.

Does your company need to exchange Swiss francs into euros?
WireTransferExchange.com deals with online currency exchange for Swiss companies and is the right partner for both SMEs and larger companies.
Swiss-European trade means that euros have to be exchanged for Swiss francs and vice versa. It is therefore very important to choose an intermediary that retains the lowest possible commissions and at the same time guarantees a favourable exchange rate.
WireTransferExchange.com offers a commission-free exchange and applies an exchange rate that is very similar to the interbank rate, but more favourable for corporate clients.

WireTransferExchange.com is for all types of businesses

We offer your business a bespoke service for your foreign exchange transactions.

Relying on WireTransferExchange.com for your franc-to-euro exchange rate is convenient in many ways.

  1. The exchange rate is the most advantageous: we offer a Swiss Franc/Euro exchange rate quotation, and vice versa, in real time, to give transparency and follow the development of the Euro/Swiss Franc exchange rate;
  2. There are no hidden costs;
  3. The operation is carried out online: all you need to do is send the money you wish to exchange to the coordinates you receive by email;
  4. Guaranteed security: the money flows of WireTransferExchange.com are handled by reputable banking institutions.
  5. Fast turnaround time: Once the exchange is requested and the transfer is made to WireTransferExchange.com, the amount is immediately exchanged and sent to the customer's account;
  6. No commission: WireTransferExchange.com will not charge any commission for transferring money to and from customer accounts. The receipt and sending of Swiss Francs within the Swiss Confederation will be handled as a domestic payment and therefore commission-free. The crediting of Euros to WireTransferExchange.com is commission-free. Outgoing Euro payments to the customer's account will be settled as SEPA payments and will start from a Euro account that the company has opened with a regulated European intermediary.

Companies that have tried WireTransferExchange.com are no longer turning back!

If you have further questions, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions section of this site or contact us by email (support@wiretransferexchange.com) or telephone (0041 91 922 81 69).