1) Regulatory

You are logging to website www.WireTransferExchange.ch, run by the ELP SA of Chiasso (Switzerland). The company ELP SA is a Swiss authorized financial intermediary. All financial intermediaries based in Switzerland must join a self-regulatory organization or an equivalent authority in order to obtain the authorization to exercise their activities. The ELP SA is affiliated to the OAD PolyReg. The OAD PolyReg is a self-regulatory organization (SRO) legally recognized by the Swiss Confederation to be pursuant to the article 24 of the Anti-money Laundering Act (AMLA). The OAD PolyReg fulfils the statutory duties of supervision, furthermore it controls vis-à-vis its affiliates in accordance with its rules and subject to the Federal Authority for the supervision of financial markets, FINMA. The ELP SA has, in the person of Mr. Peter Aulisio, the license of Financial Fiduciary in accordance with the Law on the exercise of fiduciary professions (LFid). The company has subscribed an insurance policy in order to be compliant with the professional liability coverage for potential financial losses of up to one million Swiss Francs.

2) Local juridical regulations

ELP SA has no offices nor representatives outside of the Swiss Confederation. ELP SA does not operate any commercial nor marketing activity outside the territory of the Swiss Confederation and has no representatives, agents or vendors working abroad. Access to the site is conditional to reading, understanding and accept the disclaimer of the site. Access to information contained in this website may be restricted by laws or regulatory restrictions applicable to the user. The ELP SA web site is not directed to persons resident in jurisdictions in which, by any possible reason, the publication and / or availability of the website www.WireTransferExchange.ch may be prohibited, such as by way of example and not exhaustive – the US, UK, Canada, Japan.

3) No offer nor solicitation

The information contained in this website does not constitute a solicitation, an offer or a recommendation to buy, sell, change or dispose of any investment and/or financial instrument. ELP SA does not provide personalized recommendations to individual customers nor corporate clients as it is not possible to assess their risk predisposition, the extent of their knowledge base and the characteristics of each individual customer nor the actual investment and/or the Clients’ exchange needs.

4) Limitation of usage

Access to the information contained on this website may be limited by legal or regulatory restrictions applicable to the user. Persons to whom such restrictions apply should not have access to the ELP SA website, www.WireTransferExchange.ch.

5) Links to other web-sites

This website may propose links to access other sites. By using these links to access other pages outside of this site it is at your own risk. Therefore, the ELP SA assumes no responsibility for the content, products, services or other items offered at these sites.

6) Liability limitation

Fluctuations in exchange rates can cause financial losses. In no case ELP SA can be held responsible for any loss or damage of any kind, including direct, indirect, special and consequential damages resulting from the use of the currency exchange service. Before making any exchange and/or investment decision, it is highly recommended to obtain a specific professional advice from your trusted financial advisor.

7) Anti-money laundering communications

If a financial intermediary knows or has a well-founded suspicion that assets that are the subject of a business relationship are related to a crime as defined in Art. 305bis of the Swiss Criminal Code (hereinafter: "CPS"), originate from a crime or are subject to the power of disposal of a criminal organisation (Art. 260b para. 1 CPS), serve to finance terrorism (Art. 260d para. 1 CPS), he must freeze the assets (Art. 10 Money Laundering Act, MLA). 260b para. 1 CPS), serve to finance terrorism (Art. 260d para. 1 CPS), must freeze the assets (Art. 10 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, AMLA) and report this without delay to the Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland (Art. 9 AMLA). No personal liability of the Mandate shall arise from the acts performed or omitted in such cases and circumstances.

8) Applicable law and jurisdiction

The contract of currency exchange and any other statement here reported are subject exclusively to Swiss law. Place of performance, place of performance for all customers, including those residing abroad and exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this agreement and the related declarations is Lugano, Switzerland.