British Pound / Euro: currency exchange rate and news

Today's GBP/EUR exchange rate in real time

Today 1 British Pound is worth 1.1637 Euro
GBP/EUR = 1.1637
-0.0004 ( -0.03%)

22:18 - Streaming data
Previous close (29/02/2024 time 23:55): 1.1641

Trend Chart British Pound / Euro

Historical exchange rate data British Pound / Euro

Day Month Year
Today's maximum: 1.1644 Monthly Maximum: 1.1636 Yearly Maximum: 1.1698
Today's minimum: 1.1619 Monthly Minimum: 1.1636 Annual Minimum: 1.1488
Today's average rate: 1.1636 Average rate this month: 1.1636 Average annual rate: 1.1629

Master data of British Pound

Instrument Currency
Currency EUR
Market Instrument type
FX Euro Exchange 

Conversion British Pound / Euro

Today 1 British Pound is worth 1.1637 Euro. In the table below you will find the conversions of some sums of money, updated in real time, to give you a better idea of the value of the British Pound and its relationship to Euro.

Conversion table British Pound / Euro

British Pound Euro
100.00 116.37
1'000.00 1'163.70
3'000.00 3'491.10
5'000.00 5'818.50
13'000.00 15'128.10
17'000.00 19'782.90
55'000.00 64'003.50

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