WireTransferExchange.com has been an online currency exchange service for years. We serve over 5,000 customers who regularly choose to exchange their Swiss Francs into Euros with us. Among them, many are cross-border commuters, i.e. people who work in Switzerland but reside in another country, mostly Italy but also France and Germany. For this reason, their salary or wage is normally paid to them in the Swiss national currency, i.e. the franc. Residing - and living - in another state in the European Union, however, cross-border commuters need to convert their Francs into Euros. For them, it is very important to choose an intermediary that retains the lowest possible commissions and, at the same time, guarantees an advantageous exchange rate. WireTransferExchange.com takes care of just that.

Why is it worthwhile to exchange Francs into Euros at WireTransferExchange.com?

That's why WireTransferExchange.com is the best partner for franc-to-euro exchange transactions, which statistically affect cross-border workers the most.

  1. The CHF/EUR exchange rate is the most advantageous: we have rates that are often more than 80% better than traditional banks and exchange offices.
  2. There are no hidden costs
  3. Everything is done conveniently online: you don't have to physically transport the money from one place to another
  4. Guaranteed security: WireTransferExchange.com money flows are handled by reputable banking institutions
  5. Fast turnaround time: once you request the exchange and make the transfer to WireTransferExchange.com, the Euro amount transferred to the applicant's account upon reception of the funds to be exchanged.
  6. No bank fees: if your Euro account is held at a SEPA compliant bank, receiving the exchanged sum is free of charge, as is the transfer of Francs from your Swiss bank account to your WireTransferExchange.com account.

Those who try our service rarely abandon it and, indeed, often establish permanent transfers at their own bank for even more convenience.

If you have further questions, we recommend that you consult our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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