Today's EUR/CHF exchange rate in real time

Today 1 Euro is worth 0.9630 Swiss Franc
EUR/CHF = 0.9630
+0.0001 (+ 0.01%)

13:02 - Streaming data
Previous close (28/09/2023 time 23:55): 0.9630

Trend Chart Euro / Swiss Franc

Historical exchange rate data Euro / Swiss Franc

Day Month Year
Today's maximum: 0.9633 Monthly Maximum: 0.9640 Yearly Maximum: 1.0020
Today's minimum: 0.9609 Monthly Minimum: 0.9505 Annual Minimum: 0.9501
Today's average rate: 0.9625 Average rate this month: 0.9553 Average annual rate: 0.9738

Master data of Euro

Instrument Currency
Currency CHF
Market Instrument type
FX Swiss Franc Exchange 

Conversion Euro / Swiss Franc

Today 1 Euro is worth 0.9630 Swiss Franc. In the table below you will find the conversions of some sums of money, updated in real time, to give you a better idea of the value of the Euro and its relationship to Swiss Franc. If you are interested in knowing the equivalent value in Swiss Franc of a more specific amount, you can use our currency converter EUR/CHF. You can also use the form to change your Euro to Swiss Franc immediately with our currency exchange service: just click 'Change now' and register with on the next screen. This is how our service works.

Conversion table Euro / Swiss Franc

Euro Swiss Franc
100.00 96.30
1'000.00 963.00
3'000.00 2'889.00
5'000.00 4'815.00
13'000.00 12'519.00
17'000.00 16'371.00
55'000.00 52'965.00
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