Today's EUR/CHF exchange rate in real time

Today 1 Euro is worth 0.9848 Swiss Franc
EUR/CHF = 0.9848
+0.0004 (+ 0.04%)

23:24 - Streaming data
Previous close (20/05/2024 time 23:55): 0.9844

Trend Chart Euro / Swiss Franc

Historical exchange rate data Euro / Swiss Franc

Day Month Year
Today's maximum: 0.9855 Monthly Maximum: 0.9848 Yearly Maximum: 0.9848
Today's minimum: 0.9837 Monthly Minimum: 0.9700 Annual Minimum: 0.9250
Today's average rate: 0.9848 Average rate this month: 0.9760 Average annual rate: 0.9554

Master data of Euro

Instrument Currency
Currency CHF
Market Instrument type
FX Swiss Franc Exchange 

Conversion Euro / Swiss Franc

Today 1 Euro is worth 0.9848 Swiss Franc. In the table below you will find the conversions of some sums of money, updated in real time, to give you a better idea of the value of the Euro and its relationship to Swiss Franc. If you are interested in knowing the equivalent value in Swiss Franc of a more specific amount, you can use our currency converter EUR/CHF. You can also use the form to change your Euro to Swiss Franc immediately with our currency exchange service: just click 'Change now' and register with on the next screen. This is how our service works.

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5.00 EUR 4.92 CHF
10.00 EUR 9.85 CHF
25.00 EUR 24.62 CHF
50.00 EUR 49.24 CHF
100.00 EUR 98.48 CHF
500.00 EUR 492.40 CHF
1'000.00 EUR 984.80 CHF
5000.00 EUR 4'924.00 CHF
10'000.00 EUR 9'848.00 CHF
50'000.00 EUR 49'240.00 CHF
100'000.00 EUR 98'480.00 CHF

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